About Our Firm

Your Recruiting Partner for Mission Critical Hiring

With experience recruiting at the leading Biofoundries in Synthetic Biology, we work with CEOs and Founders to hire scientific innovators and senior leaders at the intersection of technology and biology.

L Bailey Search Associates is a boutique executive search firm that provides a pain-free consultative recruiting solution when you have run out of your own contacts for a critical senior leadership role. We take a well-informed, proactive, and targeted approach to finding your most critical hires.

If you are looking for your next senior hire to help you win market share and enable your innovation, let’s talk.

Laura Bailey

The Principal Founder, and Managing Partner, of L Bailey search, Laura worked for 10 years in the retained search industry as an Executive Recruiter specializing in software and technology start-ups prior to starting L Bailey Search. Laura has an outstanding record identifying top management, and subject matter experts, in science and software engineering roles.

Laura earned a BA in History and Art History from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and an MA in Professional Counseling from Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus.  Born and raised in Chicago, she currently lives in Marin County, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, where you can find her either hiking the trails of Mt. Tamalpais, dancing to live music, or studying to gain insight into personal development methods for her small coaching practice.

Margot Van Riper

Margot has over two decades of professional experience in retained executive search, staffing, and research.

As co-founder of several successful small businesses in the fields of high tech, environmental products, hospitality, and entertainment, she has developed a keen sense of how to match the right person to the right role. Her passion for research allows her to consistently find top talent.

Born and raised abroad, and fluent in English and Italian, she adds a global perspective and expertise. Margot earned a BA in Anthropology from California State University, San Francisco.

When not learning about the newest cool bit of science or technology she is making big messy art, playing music, and exploring secret trails. One of the projects of which she is most proud was co-producing the award winning documentary, The Man Behind the White Guitar.

Mary Gleason

Mary is an out and proud woo woo executive with over thirty years of experience leading teams and consulting leaders and organizations. Her focus is to help her clients access both sides of the brain with her coaching program, BYOB (Bring Your Whole Brain) to Work.

Mary serves emerging leaders, individuals wanting greater confidence in decision making, and others who want to develop their intuition in the workplace. With BYOB coaching, leaders learn how their intuition shows up for them, how to trust it, and how to lead from a place that uses both data and intuition.

Mary’s clients report achieving greater performance, productivity, and profitability for them, their team, and their company.