Our Approach


Create a Target List
To Find the A-Players for Your Opening

A target list of companies in your industry will provide the roadmap that we use to find your next employee. By recruiting the passive candidates in your industry we provide top prospects for your team.

Develop Your Value Proposition
To Engage Top Talent

We call this “the sizzle”, the “why” – it’s what makes your opportunity the best career move for your ideal candidate. We work with values based organizations with outstanding company cultures. A great team, a career growth plan, and a mission that employees can get behind, are what the top candidates consider when making a career change.

Source the Market
To Find the Best Candidates

We utilize research from your target list, as well as our industry contacts and specialized social media sites, as resources to actively reach out to the target market of specialized talent for your opening. We present your value proposition and start the dialogue with your best prospects.

Screen For the Best Fit
To Make the Best Match

Working with a detailed position specification we interview the top prospects to determine the right fit and find the ideal candidate for your team. We also put a strong emphasis on the career aspirations of the top candidates to be sure they are aligned with the position.

Deliver a Short-List of Prospects
To Select Your Next Hire

We provide you with a short-list of candidates with the right skill-set who will fit well with your unique company culture. Our selection process reduces the time you will spend interviewing, and delivers a great match so that you can make a decision to extend an offer that will be accepted.